Where We Go

San Francisco is home to many wonderful parks, which makes it a perfect city to own a dog. There are dozens of small to moderate sized neighborhood parks but I prefer taking my groups to some of the larger ones where the dogs have more space to run freely without having to worry about traffic and other distractions. I like to take them to a different park everyday. I enjoy the diversity and I know the dogs do too. Listed below are pictures and descriptions of some of our most frequented parks and trails.

Bernal Hill

Buena Vista Park

John McClaren Park

McClaren Park is the largest park in the city, second only to Golden Gate Park. It is home to many trails that wind through grassy fields, hills and forests. There are two large, man-made ponds that are stocked with fish, turtles and ducks. One of these ponds is often used as a swimming hole for dogs on hot days. The other one is strictly off limits to dogs.

There are five or six different areas of trails within Mc Claren Park and it's only a ten-minute drive to get there from the Mission area, making it my favorite park to walk dogs.

Fort Funston

Fort Funston is the mecca for dog owners and dog walkers alike. One of the most beautiful parks in the city, with it's many trails that sprawl over ice plant covered sand dunes, paved sidewalks, beach access and drinking fountains furnished with water bowls, you would think that they designed this place with dogs in mind. Fort Funston is also a great retreat from the summer heat, often a good twenty degrees cooler than the Mission area on hot days. The dogs really love to take in the cool, fresh air with all of it's beachy smells, roll around on the beds of ice plants and chase each other up and down the sand dunes.

Bernal Hill

Bernal Hill is another great place to take dogs. From the top of the hill you and your dog(s) can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the city, including views of the Bay Bridge, downtown, the Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peaks and San Bruno Mountain. The hill has a paved road that starts at the main parking area and winds down to the bottom of the park. Another paved road takes you from the parking area up to the top. There are also many connecting trails that allow you to hike all over the top of the hill. There is plenty of space for dogs to run freely and safely without having to worry about traffic.

Bernal Hill is one of San Francisco's last remaining natural refuges, hosting a wide array of native plants and animals. Dog owners and professional dog walkers are encouraged to remove dog feces, use the paved roads for off-leash activities and keep the dogs on the trails when exploring the top of the hill to avoid disrupting the natural habitat.

Buena Vista Park

As the name implies, this is another park with spectacular views. Buena Vista is also a great park to take the dogs, especially on hot days. Trees provide shade throughout most of the park and cool breezes from the west aid in keeping the temperature down. Paved sidewalks and lots of trails with railroad tie steps help you explore this hilltop park. There is a drinking fountain, but no lower dog fountain, by the tennis courts on the east side.