Doug is my absolute favorite guy on the planet. We have been hanging out for years! He takes me to all the coolest parks, he throws the ball with me as long as I want (and that can be a lot!) and he stays out with me for a really long time. When I hear his car pull up in front of my house I start barking and running madly up and down the hallway in excitement.

~Love, Madison

Doug walked my dog, Scout, for two and a half years. He was absolutely loving, caring and responsible. I trusted him completely with my home and my precious girl. In fact, I often scolded him for so thoroughly spoiling us. My Scoutie adored Doug, and even after we moved and she lost her daily contact with her beloved dog walker, she was still able to identify him. Whenever we mentioned his name, and this was years later, a huge Rottweiler smile appeared on her face and her tailless bottom began to wag and wiggle.

~Renee and Michael Trowbridge

It's like Doug is in love with my dog, he gets this look in his eyes when I drop her off for boarding.

~ Tamera Jones

It takes a special, dependable and caring person like Doug who can take care of pets and home well, and whom the animals love to see.

~ Kinu Oiye

We appreciate very much so the way you take care of our dogs Freddy and Victoria. You have been the best and your clients love to go for walks with you.

~ Thank you very much, Rafael Campos & Mike Hall

We have entrusted Doug for at least eight years with the most precious "people" in our lives, Oliver, Teddy, Walter (all now gone) and Wally, Charlie, Odo, Bluto and Nu Nu. We trust him with them in sickness and in health and feel they are as safe with him as they are with us. Our cats and dogs bond with him, as he is part of their family. We never have to worry about their physical and emotional comfort when we are gone and he has been extraordinary with our ailing animals. It was thanks to him that two of our older animals lived until we had returned from an extended vacation, before they left us. We are lucky to have him and his caring attitude for our family.

~Joyce Lively & Ron Kardon

Doug is the best dog walker ever! He's super reliable and is always there for me. He not only watches out for my best interests, but he trains me and helps me be a better dog. I love Doug and look forward to our time together! Woof!

~Love, Chilly & Jilly


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